Class 1 Enclosures for Class 4 Lasers

All enclosures are designed and built to be “Light Tight” in conformance with 21 CFR 1040, and ANSI Z 136. The function of the Laser Enclosure or “Walk In Protective Housing” is to safeguard the outside perimeter. The double steel wall panels, glazing, and doors provide this protection. Laser inter-locks and safety protocol shall be followed to insure a safe environment. All of our designs will not only meet your “Light Tight” requirements, but we can also insure control of temperature, noise, dust, smoke, or fumes, as required.

We have been active in designing Laser Enclosures for the past 15 years, building units from semi automated, table-top designs to fully automated turn table, shuttle, full fixture, or overhead crane entries. Over the years, we have built strong relationships with automation integrators, the aerospace industry, and large automotive companies.